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we're happy to have you in our life. welcome to our barely-managed circus of a home, our diy (mis)adventures, and the chaos that keeps the whole show running. we hope you find recipes your family loves, projects where you don't repeat our mistakes, and a lot of joy along the way.

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the cake

chances are you've found this site looking for this berry cake recipe. so we'll make it easy on you and give it away right up front. because no one likes when blogs make you search through 85 layers of pop-up ads and stories about thier children to find a recipe.
spoiler alert: we do have hilarious stories about children. no pop-ups though.

take me to cake!

things you’ll find at chuck&welly

yeah, yeah. everyone loves the cake but there's a whole lot more here than that.
might want to re-heat that coffee. and grab a cookie.


desserts and dinners and everything in between that anyone can bake.


we're not claiming to be diy experts but through trial and error and a whole lot of fearlessness, we've learned a thing or two and are always happy to answer questions about our projects.


we love to travel. like, a lot. and are trying our best to eat our way around the world.


being parents of boys means there's never a dull moment. you can read about their antics throughout our posts but we also share a lot of what and how we navigate through parenthood. (hint: it involves a lot of children's books)